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  • ATO to focus on unpaid Super - Pubs, Childcare and Industrial Cleaners

    13 March at 15:41 from atlas

    The ATO to focus on unpaid Superannuation for pubs, taverns and bars.

    Have you paid all of your staff Superannuation on time and have immaculate records to prove it?

     Well good for you if you have, however the ATO suspect that there are pub, tavern and bars out there who maybe aren't quite as up to date.

    They will be writing to you soon (if they haven't already) about your obligations around Superannuation.


    Then after July 2015, the ATO will be advising of industry wide audits.


    Ask yourself,

    • Have you organised a Superannuation Clearing House yet? It will be compulsory to use one as of 1st July this year.

    • Are there people working in your business who invoice you for the work they do, but really they behave like staff? Did you know that maybe you should be paying them Superannuation?

    • Do you know how to lodge a SGC charge statement with the ATO if you make late Superannuation payments?

    • Did you know the monthly gross minimum earnings for a staff member before Superannuation is payable is lower for the hospitality industry than other industries?

    • How much leniency or room to negotiate can you expect from the ATO if I haven't paid all my staff's super? (the answer is not much at all).


    Well you're probably busy running your business, so keeping on top of all this may not always be so easy.


    I can help you sort out your superannuation liability and help you to be organised and ready for any audits that may come your way.


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