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Experienced, trusted, and using only the latest accounting software applications, MG BAS solutions promises to turn your bookkeeping systems around.

I offer a full complement of bookkeeping services in the Dubbo NSW region.

At your office or mine, I can take care of all your bookkeeping needs, including:

  • Receivables - sending out invoices and statements and chasing payments. The quicker payments come in, the better the cash flow!
  • Payables - reconcile your monthly bills and organise payments.
  • Reconciliations - squaring up your financial data to ensure there are no errors.
  • Payroll - whatever payroll system your using, regardless of how many or how few staff you have.
  • BAS Services - Advice on GST, calculation and lodgement of your BAS statement.
  • Human Resources Advice - how confident are you that your meeting the obligations of your staff's award or enterprise agreement? Is your business covered by the new Fair Work System? Which of the 122 new Modern Awards are your employees covered by? What National Employment Standards (NES) do you need to provide to employees? These are important questions, and getting them wrong can have serious consequences.
  • Tailored Reporting - A quarterly profit and loss report is great - you need to know how your income compares to your expenses. However... do you know what your cash flow is doing? Cash flow analysis and reporting can give you powerful insight into your business.

Overhaul your systems - the real cost of doing your own books

Could your systems use some refining? A fresh set of eyes can shine the light on some real time saving steps that can save your business time and money in the long run.

It is very easy to make mistakes when using your bookkeeping system. If left unfixed, errors can have real impacts on your data integrity.

I have seen many examples how unchecked accounting data can undermine the quality of financial data. Even with the best intentions, if you are untrained in bookkeeping errors are easy to over look.

I have also seen many examples of the damage a bad bookkeeper can do to a business.

The benefits of engaging a registered BAS Agent

BAS Agents must commit to 15 hours of continuing education every year, and belong to a professional bookkeeping organisation. This is your guarantee that your bookkeeper is aware of the frequent legislation updates, and that your statuary compliance is met.

BAS Agents are legally permitted to lodge your BAS with the ATO - in fact we are the preferred profession to lodge your BAS by the ATO.

Call or e-mail Melissa to discuss ways we could work together to get you the clarity you need to grow your business.

About Me

My name is Melissa, and I moved to the Dubbo region with my family in 2011. I have found Dubbo a very easy city to live in with a healthy small to medium business community.

Originally from a farming family in the Clarence Valley north coast NSW, I lived and worked in the Northern Territory for 10 years. There I became a bookkeeper and quickly gathered clientele including one of Australia's wealthiest people. My diverse collection of clients was a rich and valuable education in itself!

Back living in NSW working in the wine industry in the mid 00's and the government introduced the role of BAS Agent. I completed my Cert IV in Bookkeeping, and upon moving to Dubbo commenced the 1,000 hours supervised bookkeeping work required to apply for status as a BAS Agent, which I have since achieved.

I am now settled in Dubbo, and excited about working with a diverse collection of small and medium businesses.


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